Another week ticked off

Following a tough, but ultimately good week I was keen to build on that & follow it with another week focussed on quality rather than quantity (the quantity generally takes care of itself under Andy’s guidance!).

Mon 25/1 – 7M Relaxed / 5.2M Easy & 2hrs XT in the gym.

Tues 26/1 – 4.3M Easy & 1hr XT / 2hrs XT (sub for planned session due to wind/fatigue)

Weds 27/1 – 6.3M Easy / 15.4M Relaxed

Thurs 28/1 – 5.1M Easy / 2hrs XT

Fri 29/1 – 9.1M Tempo, 5 miles at HM effort. Windy so off pace but happy with ~26mins

Sat 30/1 – 11.7M & 2hrs XT

Sun 31/1 – 26.1M Steady / 5M Relaxed

Total 95.5M, average 6:27, weight 65.7kg

A bit frustrating this week, feeling like I was just ticking over. The last week of Self Assessment meant a busy week at work, & coupled with increased training it really hit me this week as I was shattered! Pleased to tick another week off, but frustrated at missing Tuesday’s session (part fatigue, part aggravated glute from physio) & as I felt ill through the week I was feeling particularly bad on Saturday & again on Sunday morning.

Sunday was supposed to be 2 hours wit 15 miles at marathon pace but feeling how I did I knew that wasn’t going to happen. However despite the freezing wind & sleet I found myself on Nottinghamshire & already 15 miles on the clock, so by the time I got to my car I’d managed a steady 26 in about 2:45.

Not the week I wanted, but fitness is coming on & Alsager next week will be a good test if nothing else. Finding it very frustrating to still be suffering with the glute issue after all the treatment though & hoping daily exercises will ease that off again.

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