Progress has seemed slow for some time, mainly due the ongoing niggle in my glute/piriformis. I was hoping next Monday’s physio with Tom would be my last, but I’m still struggling to get on top of it & anything fast (relatively speaking) aggravates it so I think I’ll be sorting out another block of treatment.

I am coming off a reasonable base of ~70mpw from early October, with a lot of cross training to build on my aerobic base & almost weekly racing to get some quality into the weeks. This has picked up since the New Year & following last week I’m now just touching 100mpw, & importantly this includes 3 quality sessions & a good long run each week.

So progress is relative & having reviewed the above I felt a bit more positive as I sat bemoaning my lack of speed, being constantly tired but not being able to work at a level to induce any sort of muscle soreness. I’ve been here before so I know to accept it for a couple of weeks as once I come out the other side & adapt to the training load everything falls into place & I start to feel good in training & races despite both volume & quality picking up significantly.

So having justified my poor performance in sessions I’ll continue to take it on the chin through January – especially considering the tax return deadline means sleep is limited – & bank on putting in a respectable performance at Alsager on the 7th February.

Mon 18th Jan – 1 3/4hrs turbo. Calves & ankles were as stiff as a board after yesterday’s long treadmill run!

Tues 19th – 4.3M Easy / 13.3M Session. 15 x 400 off 1min. Very cold & legs were still stiff. Somewhat off pace still but was pleased with relatively even pace & feeling like I could continue through for 20 reps.

Weds 20th – 7M Relaxed / 8.2M R.

Thurs 21st – 4.3M Easy / 11.6M Session. Shattered this morning. Session of 3 x 12mins off 2mins jog, target was half marathon pace (5mm) but as expected I was a bit off this. Still, another session done & approaching the targets!

Fri 22nd – 4.3M Easy / 5M Easy in 8 x strides. Starting to feel it so kept it very easy today with a tough session planned for tomorrow.

Sat 23rd – 10.5M Session & 2 hours XT in the gym / 6M R. 3 x 2 miles off 3mins, target 10K pace/effort. Not far off to start but glute issues so backed off slightly. Happy with how I felt although some way off 10K pace.

Sun 24th -21.1M Steady / 5.1M Easy. Late change of plan from the 2 1/2 hour easy run planned as Kev text Sat night re. 20 @ 6mm. That turned out to be the first at 6mm with the next 19 between 5:40 & 5:55. A good end to a tough week.

Total 101.7M, Average pace 6:14, weight 65.9kg

Biggest mileage for a while with a lot of quality in there so little surprise I was feeling it late on Sunday’s run. One more tough week, coinciding with the tax return deadline (!), before a slight ease down for Alsager 5 to see where I’m at. Shifting the ~3kg of surplus winter blubber will help before The Hague!

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