So after 2015 never really got going after London I’m keen to ensure 2016 is a year FULL of quality racing! After struggling for motivation after a disappointing time in London I started to put some quality training in through July & August only to become hampered by a glute/piriformis issue that I’m still having treatment for now!

I was able to run through the injury but was unable to include any quality training (anything inside 5:30 minute miling aggravated it). So from August I ran all week, & tried to include a long race at the weekend. I picked up some reasonable base fitness this way, & several low key race wins along the way (Consecutive wins at Worksop HM, Shepshed 7, Clowne HM, Bedford HM & Rushcliffe PR) with times/conditions indicating I was in low 68 HM shape by the end of November. The plan had been to race Ribble Valley on the 27th December but the floods meant that was cancelled which meant no 10K PB to finish the year.

So onto 2016! I’ve added a Races page for a snapshot of races planned, & the results as they happen. I was straight into proper structured training with a view to running well inside 25 minutes at Alsager 5 early in February before pushing on to The Hague in early March & another significant HM PB.

W/C 4th January

Mon 7.3M Relaxed

Tues 7.5M Session. ~1K off ~250m recovery. Just to get back into a session without any pressure or expectations

Weds 7M Steady

Thurs 5M Easy / 1 3/4 hours turbo

Fri 5M Relaxed / 7M Steady & 2 hours XC in the gym

Sat 9.8M Steady & 2 hours XT in the gym / 5M Relaxed

Sun 22.7M Steady & 2 1/2 hours XT in the gym

Total 84.3M

W/C 11th January

Mon 7M Easy

Tues 4.3M Easy / 10M Session. Split tempo, nothing very impressive!

Weds 6.2M Relaxed / 8M Relaxed

Thurs 4.5M Easy / 10M Tempo

Fri 4.3M Easy / 5.7M Easy

Sat 10M Session. 800’s, windy on the loop but mainly off pace due to lack of speed work. Endurance there & felt ok, just couldn’t move the legs faster! 2 hours XT in the gym

Sun 23M Tempo on the treadmill. Hard work but satisfying once finished! Felt strong. Damn snow!

Total 97M

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