The easy life

So, one more week of recovery with just one session planned to try to sharpen up ready for the last big race before our spring break in the Italian lakes. Lots of easy running with one session planned for Wednesday before Saturday’s big race. I am recovering well, BUT I knew at the start of the week I was really pushing it to be ready for Saturday.

Mon 11/5 pm 5.5M Steady. Pushed for time & legs felt good so pushed the pace a little early in the week. 

Tues 12/5 am 3.25M Easy, pm 6.3M E. Very easy today, feeling pretty battered from last night’s massage. Only real concern currently remains my IT Bands.

Weds 13/5 pm 10.1M, planned session but after 2 reps opted out! Nothing in the legs & was slowing on the 2nd rep & legs were very sore so knew all I would do was ruin any chance of getting to Saturday’s race in good shape. Plan now is 2 full days off running!!!

Thurs 14/5 Complete rest day!

Fri 15/5 pm Core & stretching

Sat 16/5 am 3.2M E, pm 4.3M inc Highgate 10,000m DNF!

Sun 17/5 am 14M inc LRRL West End 8.

Total 46.7M, av 6:10

Pretty gutted how this week panned out. I always knew that the 10,000m would be pushing it only three weeks after London but I have previously ran well that long after a marathon. In hindsight the conditions & the nature of the race this year took far more out of me than any previous race & as a result I was never in a position to realistically run anything half decent at Highgate.

Although I tried to balance recovery with getting some speed back into my legs, other than feeling reasonably good at last week’s Half I have been drained ever since London. What I thought was some dodgy mussels was actually a virus that is doing the rounds & I spent most of the week pretty ill. After Wednesday’s run I was ready to give up on the race, but Andy suggested two full days off & to see if that gave me enough recovery. My legs did feel better on Saturday evening, & after getting there early we watched the first few races before a warm up around the Heath. Then into the shiny new spikes & onto the track for some strides. Again I felt good, clipping along nicely & feeling ready to get stuck in for 25 laps & a PB, although sub 30 seemed unlikely give the week I’d had. The pacemakers were due to set off at 14:50 & 15:15 pace respectively but after a couple of laps they were both within 5 metres of each other. After a fair amount of pushing & shoving I was well settled in about 5th place & felt comfortable jut ticking the laps off. 5 laps in though & although still holding position I knew later in the race I was going to drift off pace. Another lap in & I called it a day, pulling aside just after the bar on the back straight & right by Jo, Mum & Kini who had travelled down to support!

So a full day travelling to London & back, watching some quality racing – in particular the women’s race for 1st & 2nd & a very impressive run in the men’s championship race from Jonny Thewlis for a big PB of 29:14, running about 2K, drowning my sorrows & getting home at about 1am! Our race (B race) was won in just outside 30 minutes, despite the winner appearing to be flying once the pacemakers dropped out! Others in the race were well down on their targets, & the couple of guys who had also run London & Manchester either dropped out or flogged themselves for relatively little reward to I was content with my decision that looking back now I feel could likely have saved my summer which was always my main aim after London.

I’d got wind that I would win the Leicestershire Road Running League winter series if I turned up & got a reasonable position in the final race (you need 4 races to count from the series & I’d done 3) so we were up early to travel to the West End 8 exhausted & certainly not in the mood for it! I was able to just run this outside tempo pace & still pick up the win to win the league which was a small bonus for the weekend given it’s unlikely I’ll do sufficient races again to win this.

I’ve an easy running week planned & will only run if the weather’s good & to enjoy it, mixing it up with some cycling before we go to Italy for 8 days overlooking Lake Maggiore & supporting the Giro & although I’ll run while we’re out there it will all just be for enjoyment with no real focus. The races then come thick & fast throughout the summer & I’m keen to come back refreshed both mentally & physically to make the most of the fitness I built up through to the marathon. I’ve already earmarked a couple more 10,000m track races to look to get close to 30 minutes with Leeds Abbey Dash in November the longer term focus where I’ll be looking to go well inside 30 minutes & finish the year on a high!

So this is the last grumpy blog post & it will all be positive through the rest of the season!

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