Recovery weeks, mainly involving beer & cake

I took a day off completely after London & didn’t run at all until Thursday, mainly because I was totally spent! A combination of the race itself, but also of hardly sleeping the night after the race due to caffeine in my morning coffee & the gels I use.

From there it was just a case of starting back as I felt but making sure I wasn’t just adding to my fatigue.

Mon 27/4 Rest. I did go for a walk for an hour at 5.30am due to not being able to sleep, & then ran a brisk mile immediately after lunch to catch our train!

Tues 28/4 1hr turbo – easy spin. No plans on doing anything other than a bit of shopping. I was off work & had planned on cooking something nice for Jo but that turned in to takeaway as my enthusiasm for standing preparing anything in the kitchen soon left me. Softened the blow by plying her with yet more prosecco.

Weds 29/4 1.5hrs turbo. An easy spin on the turbo to stay loose.

Thurs 30/4 am 4.6M Easy, pm 1.25hrs turbo. Legs fairly sore still during the run – kept it flat.

Fri 1/5 am 4.5M E, pm 4.1M E. Feeling a bit better, but stiff on afternoon run immediately after a long drive.

Sat 2/5 am 6M Relaxed 41.8M relaxed ride with Dave including most of the last 30 miles of tomorrow’s Queen Stage of the inaugural Tour de Yorkshire. Despite having nothing in my legs & the weather being truly awful I got a real buzz from the ride having not been out properly since we were in Europe last August!

Sun 3/5 am 6.6M E. This was almost a swim! A full blown storm meant I was soaked to the bone! Legs feeling ok though.

Total 27M, Av 6:39

Mon 4/5 pm 7.5M R. Felt pretty good for this, helped by having the sun on my back!

Tues 5/5 am 2.2M E, pm 1.5 hours spin on the turbo. Just to pick up my car in the morning.

Weds 6/5 am 4.8M R, pm 1.25 hours hard on the turbo. Strong winds & heavy rain so put planned short session back to tomorrow.

Thurs 7/5 am 4.7M R, pm 8.1M R. Decided against any reps but did ease into a decent pace for fairly little effort! Turning a corner.

Fri 8/5 am 5.7M R, pm 1.25hr core/strength.

Sat 9/5 am 8.1M R. Felt good during this run, a few quicker miles. Enjoying it again. Couple of stops though – damn mussels!

Sun 10/5 am 21.2M inc Bosworth Half Marathon (Leicestershire Champs). Won comfortably in 70:13 despite food poisoning. Turned into a fartlek session & felt nice & comfortable.

Total 62.5M, av 6:07.

After really struggling the first week after London I came back from Yorkshire in a much better frame of mind & focussed on recovering well for the Highgate 10,000m on the 16th. I felt better each day through last week & really enjoyed a couple of the runs. Pleased to feel very relaxed running 70 at Bosworth which is quite undulating, especially considering how ropey I felt! Another easy week ahead, with just one session planned for Wednesday to prepare for Saturday evening’s race. It looks like being a great event to be part of so I’m doing everything I can to get there well recovered from London & to give everything I’ve got to sneak under the 30 minute mark! 4:50’s doesn’t seem too bad when I look back & consider I ran the Hague in 5’s. We’ll see on Saturday.

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