The easy life

So, one more week of recovery with just one session planned to try to sharpen up ready for the last big race before our spring break in the Italian lakes. Lots of easy running with one session planned for Wednesday before Saturday’s big race. I am recovering well, BUT I knew at the start of the week I was really pushing it to be ready for Saturday.

Mon 11/5 pm 5.5M Steady. Pushed for time & legs felt good so pushed the pace a little early in the week.  Continue reading

Recovery weeks, mainly involving beer & cake

I took a day off completely after London & didn’t run at all until Thursday, mainly because I was totally spent! A combination of the race itself, but also of hardly sleeping the night after the race due to caffeine in my morning coffee & the gels I use.

From there it was just a case of starting back as I felt but making sure I wasn’t just adding to my fatigue. Continue reading