Taper + carb depletion = boredom!

The final week, & whilst no real training benefits can be achieved by pushing anything there are things that can be done to maximise my chances of getting on the start line ready to race!

I’ve done the depletion diet (no carbohydrates – as far as possible – from Sunday night until Friday morning) quite a few times now & have raced well off it so I’m doing it again. Although I normally feel shattered & have no energy by Thursday’s run I feel light & raring to go after some porridge on Friday morning so I’m sticking to the plan. I’m also tapering off far more than I have done previously so shouldn’t feel quite so bad. I’ll also be avoiding public places as much as possible through the week to minimise the chance of picking up any bugs!

Mon 20/4 pm 6.4M Easy. Very easy effort level, legs feeling a bit heavy after yesterday’s run & massage.

Tues 21/4 pm 7.4M inc a short session of 4 x 1K @ 10K effort off 90 seconds. Happy for these to come in at 3mins given relaxed effort & a rough loop.

Weds 22/4 REST! Second full rest day of the year (first was Friday 13th February before Stamford 30K).

Thurs 23/4 am 4.5M E, pm 2.3M E. Not feeling great this morning – usual after a rare day off. Twinge around my ITB/knee on the left side causing some concern – lots of self massage & rolling in the evening.

Fri 24/4 am 4.4M E. Kept it very easy this morning. Feeling ok, ITB/knee still not 100% but the work I’ve done on it this week has certainly helped.

Sat 25/4 am 3.3M inc 4 x 45secs relaxed strides to wake the legs up! Done early before the 7:40 train to London. A relaxed day once we had picked the numbers up, chilling in the room after lunch in the cafe over the road & just popping out for half an hour early evening for some fresh air.

Sun 26/4 am 30.9M inc London Marathon, 2:21:25, 7th Brit, 2:44 PB but disappointing – see race report (to follow).

Total 59.5M, average 6:00

I felt a bit lousy early in the week, & although I was running at good pace for little effort I felt heavy legged & without any particular spring in my step. Concerns over my knee & slight tendinitis in the front of my left leg again, but the rest helped them both & gave me time to work on them.

Next week will be a week off, with plenty of unhealthy food, beer & wine before fine tuning for Highgate 10,000m on the 16th May. I’ll finish the race report this week, but it’s taken me to Thursday to be bothered to finish the last two days of this post with a combination of tiredness & frustration so it could be the end of the bank holiday before I finish an honest report of the day. One bonus of that is I wasn’t tempted to get back running too soon!

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