Two more weeks then it’s taper time!

Just two hard weeks of training before easing down, so time to knuckle down & tick off some good miles. Also means I’ll be staying away from the biscuit tin & cutting the wine out…

Mon 30/3 pm 9M Relaxed. Felt ok once I got going.

Tues 31/3 pm 2 hours turbo. Very early start for work & then a breakfast meeting meant no training this morning. Legs felt particularly sore, & with winds of 30mph+ I opted for a good aerobic workout on the turbo rather than risk a session.

Weds 1/4 am 10M Steady, pm 10.1M Relaxed. Legs a bit sore this morning, decent pace on both though especially the second run which included 5M with a 5kg rucksack & ahilly route. Both done in an hour.

Thurs 2/4 am 14.2M inc Session of 5 x 1 mile off 2mins, pm 7.4M R + 1hr turbo. Reps were slower than planned, closer to 10K pace but that was as fast as I could get going today. Afternoon run was quite good!

Fri 3/4 am 10.5M R, pm 5.4M Easy. A good morning run, but pretty tired this afternoon after 2.5hours in the gym late morning.

Sat 4/4 am 6.3M E inc strides, pm 5.5M E. Good fast strides! Afternoon run was ok considering I’d been in the gym for another couple of hours in the morning. Had to resist endless birthday cake before the second run!

Sun 5/4 am 23.3M inc 1M warm up, 5M steady (5:50ish), 13M @ marathon effort (5:15av), warm down. A very good quality run, certainly helped by having Aaron come over to join me. Tempo included a couple of significant & long hills. A good end to the week. No second run today after that, I parked myself on the sofa with Jo to enjoy Ronde Van Vlaanderen all afternoon!

Total 102.2M, av 6:07

Feeling pretty tired throughout the week but pleased to be getting it all done. After a hard weekend (55 miles) I was keen not to chase miles so ignored the cumulative mileage through the week & concentrated on feel. Starting to struggle with sleep, normally a sign I’m ready for an easy week or two – almost perfect timing! Mile reps weren’t quite what I would normally want, but good enough at this stage! Sunday’s run was a real boost & all being well we’ll be going through halfway together at London in a similar time. Next week’s the start of a slight ease down with some fast sessions leading into a final hard weekend. National Road Relays for Notts on Saturday when we’ll be looking to fight for the gold & then a final 2 hour run on Sunday with 13M hovering around marathon pace but possibly slightly slower if I’m shot from Saturday’s race.

Nearly there…

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