Taper + carb depletion = boredom!

The final week, & whilst no real training benefits can be achieved by pushing anything there are things that can be done to maximise my chances of getting on the start line ready to race!

I’ve done the depletion diet (no carbohydrates – as far as possible – from Sunday night until Friday morning) quite a few times now & have raced well off it so I’m doing it again. Although I normally feel shattered & have no energy by Thursday’s run I feel light & raring to go after some porridge on Friday morning so I’m sticking to the plan. I’m also tapering off far more than I have done previously so shouldn’t feel quite so bad. I’ll also be avoiding public places as much as possible through the week to minimise the chance of picking up any bugs! Continue reading

Taper time – much needed

I have never really understood the talk about not looking forward to the taper, & ‘taper madness’. I don’t particularly enjoy feeling you are somehow losing some of your fitness, but after doing it a couple of times you soon remember how it feels! I’m totally ready for the easing down & very much looking forward to one run a day, plenty of sleep & being able to walk up the stairs without it being an effort!

Mon 13/4 pm 6.2M Easy. Easy/recovery day after the weekend, nursing a tight hamstring. Continue reading

The final push

I am finally fully over the cold I picked up late in March & feeling quite positive after a good couple of week’s training, with some decent racing/sessions. This is the last week of proper training, finishing with a big weekend – National 12 Stage Relays on Saturday & then the final proper long run on Sunday including a Half that will be around marathon pace, depending how I feel after Saturday.

Mon 6/8 am 8.2M Easy, pm 5M E. Felt pretty tired today so didn’t push time, distance or pace!
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