London bound

The final push starts here! 5 hard weeks (Edit, 4 weeks – illness took over), one taper week & then it’s show time. Feeling good & ready to push on with some focussed marathon work. I’ve got the Midland & National 12 Stage races, & will ease down slightly for the National but otherwise it will be right through to London now.

Mon 16/3 am 8M Easy / 1hr Ski, pm xxM Relaxed (back commuting now when possible). Legs felt good, but sweating buckets!

Tues 17/3 am 3M E. Sick! Barely managed the 3 miles to work, sick as a dog so home & slept most of the day. Couple of days off/easy to ensure full recovery & I don’t carry this on to enable some quality training over the last month or so.

Weds 18/3 pm 2hr Turbo-trainer. No stressing my system, so a 2 hour spin on the bike with the heater in our gym turned right up! Sweating it out. Felt better today.

Thurs 19/3 am 8M E / 1hr Ski, pm xxM R (commute to gym via home, with 5kg rucksack!) + 2.5hrs stationary bike, elliptical trainer & core.

Fri 20/3 am 4M R (commute), pm 9.5M R/E. Still carrying the cold but feeling better each day. Second part of evening run with Jo.

Sat 21/3 am 11M R, feeling a lot better although some way off 100%. Followed up with 2hrs stationary bike & core. No second run – working until 5pm & tired after.

Sun 22/3 am 16.9M R without pushing the pace. Feel as though I’m nearly rid of the cold. Immediately into 1hr turbo quite hard.

Total 76M, av 6.45

Not the week I had planned! I knew I was carrying a cold in the build up to The Hague, & when it hit on Tuesday it really knocked me for six! Luckily I did pick up each day & by the end of the week felt ready to start training properly again. Just 5 weeks now, & only 3-4 to train properly! Key is to be completely rid of the cold before pushing on so I’ll just have on short session on Tuesday & then build the volume back before seeing what I can muster for a short leg at the Midland 12 Stage on Saturday. Then it’s the joy of a 3 hour run on Sunday to look forward to! Hoping next week will be a far more positive blog. On the plus side, I’m lean & niggle free.

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