Belated final push to London

So last week didn’t go to plan, & I’m therefore catching up a bit after several down weeks. A busy week at work together with still carying a bit of illness means I might struggle for the really high mileage but with a big weekend planned I should be well over 100 miles again.

Mon 23/3 pm 10.4M Relaxed inc strides. First faster work for a while, felt quite good!

Tues 24/3 am 5.2M Easy (commute), pm 12.1M inc relaxed session of 6 x 3mins relaxed efforts (~10K effort) off 1min into 6 x 1min fast but relaxed (~3K effort) off 1min. Session went quite well, still feeling the cold a little but definitely on the mend!

Weds 25/3 am 4.5M R, pm 13.7M R. Tired for morning run after last night’s session but felt good for tonight’s run! Good pace on both.

Thurs 26/3 pm 10.1M R. No morning run due to early start at work, tired but cold is gradually shifting.

Fri 27/3 am 5M E, pm 5.3M E inc strides which weren’t great – tight groin & feeling tired.

Sat 28/3 am 1.7M early shake out, pm 18.6M inc long leg at relays/3.1M easy back home in the evening. Felt strong but a bit slow with cold still lingering. Coasting for the first mile with nobody willing to take the pace, pushed on a bit from there & relatively happy with time & 2nd on leg 1. Frustrating as I know I could have taken fastest long leg of the day without the cold. Huge team win so a nice shiny Midlands gold medal at home!

Sun 29/3 30.2M Steady (3hrs). 22M to Desford, immediately into the league race (6M) then 2M straight after at a good pace. A bit tired to start but ok once I got going in awful conditions, finished as planned with the race at about marathon pace.

Total 120.1M, av 6:10 (This was week 12 of ‘specific’ London training from the turn of the year when I finally shifted the virus. 1,268 miles, averaging 106mpw & about 6:20 average pace with good races at Stamford & The Hague in the middle)

At last, not quite a proper week’s training but certainly a good weekend! Winning the relays with a dominant team performance was good to see, & to be only 20 seconds off fastest leg of the day was surprising considering how I felt & how slow we ran the first mile. Got some good miles in before & after as well.

Sunday was tiring but I felt strong & fit the longer I got into the run which bodes well. Endurance is definitely there. Got through a few glasses of wine later at night before a very healthy 4 weeks to the big day! Feeling more positive now & looking forward to deciding on exactly what time I’ll look to go through halfway in after the national relays in a couple of weeks. Jo will probably be doing the same after a good block of training & several confidence boosting runs over the last month – a happy running house atm! With Easter over the next couple of weeks I expect my mileage to be pretty high before easing off for London.

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