Recovery week – probably the last one for a while

After racing hard on Sunday this week was always planned to be an easy week to fully recover & be able to push on for the last 4-5 weeks of marathon training. We felt I had run too hard to soon after Stamford 30K so agreed to take it very easy until Thursday & then assess the rest of the week from there.

Mon 9/3 am 5.8M (very) Easy, pm 3.5M E. Very easy jog to the coast & back with Jo in the morning – nice to take in some of the course again. Slightly faster afternoon run while the sun was out.

Tues 10/3 am 7.9M E, pm 4.1M Relaxed. A struggle again this morning, although partly due to having not slept much for a few days. Afternoon run back home felt like I was moving well again.

Weds 11/3 pm 8M E / 1hr ski. Opted for he ski machine to reduce impact as my legs had felt pretty battered during the day.

Thurs 12/3 am 12M inc lab testing, pm 1.75hrs turbo. Tough going on the treadmill testing showing I still had plenty of Sunday left in me! Mixed it up with the turbo instead, & to also start getting rid of the beer & frittes from our few days in The Hague!

Fri 13/3 pm 14M R / 1.75hr ski – testing my sanity. Early meeting meant no run in the morning, although calf was very tight after yesterday’s testing.

Sat 14/3 am 12M R (dropped planned session of 600’s as still struggling with calves & feeling a cold coming). Followed with a couple of hours in the gym inc. an hour on the bike. No afternoon run, too tired & had a couple of hours snoozing instead!

Sun 15/3 am 28.6M inc Loughborough Half Marathon, pm 10M E / 1.25hr ski. Felt ok this morning, kept the 9 before at an easy effort, Half won by a mile feeling good @ marathon effort for 69:53 on a tough course & straight into a steady 6 after. Afternoon ski was earlier than planned to get it done.

Total 105.9M, av 6:54

Sunday obviously bumped the week’s total considerably but happy to progress through the week ready to push on as planned. 5:20 pace is feeling nice & comfortable so just need to work on maintaining that through 26 miles…

Good to be able to use the local race as part of my long run & nice to see so many friendly faces aong the route! Cold is still lingering so keen to get rid of that as I push on with the last hard 5 weeks of training. No more lab testing either!

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