Taper/race week

As planned, this week was a slight easing off into The Hague Half Marathon (see separate race report) although still looking to maintain reasonable mileage. After a very good long run on Sunday I felt fairly confident going into this week, albeit quite tired!

Mon 2/3 am 5M Easy, pm 8M Relaxed. Felt ok today, a bit tired but not too bad.

Tues 3/3 am 3.1M E, pm 13.3M inc Session. Am run was to collect my car from work for a morning meeting. Slightly tweaked the planned session to get some company! Session was 2M threshold (10:09) into 8 x 1K off 40-60secs recovery. Original session was 8 x 1K in ~3mins off 90secs. All reps done in 2:52-2:56 with the second rep just outside 3 – wind was swirling all over. Finished well, although felt heavy legged for all the reps so ready for an easing off!

Weds 4/3 am 5M R, pm 4.7M R. Easing down now, including reducing volume!

Thurs 5/3 pm 8.7M of 1M warm up, 10min steady (5:20 pace), into 10 x 1min off 45secs fast but relaxed. Felt quite good in this session, although still tired.

Fri 6/3 am 3.5M E. Just an easy morning stretch of the legs rather than take the day off.

Sat 7/3 am 4.6M R inc strides. Felt quite good during this run & strides were fast without much effort.

Sun 8/3 am 3.3M E, pm 17.2M in race – see separate report. Warm down was fast straight after to run Jo in. No more running later that night.

Total 76.5M, av 6:15.

An easier week with my one Half at the end. Pleased with how the week went overall & raced well at the end of it. Looking forward to pushing on in the final big block of quality for London & building on the improvements over the year so far.

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