A slight setback, but only slight!

After a great block of training it was frustrating to have to take a couple of easy weeks after Stamford due first to recovery from that race, but then because of a continuing niggle with my calves/Achilles. Far from ideal with the Hague just next week, but with London as the main target it was more important to get back to 100% for the final push towards that.

Mon 23/2 pm 8.7M Steady. Shattered today so no morning run, & slightly short due to having to be at Dan Francisco’s Promo video night by 7pm (fantastic performance!).

Tues 24/2 am 4.4M Easy, pm 2hrs Turbo (indoor cycling). Reducing impact to get Achilles/calf right, also to trigger some weight loss.

Weds 25/2 pm 10M Steady, 1.75hrs Turbo. Early finish after very early start, a good run with everything feeling better & straight onto a good hard turbo session.

Thurs 26/2 am 5.1M Relaxed, pm 13.4M inc Session of 3min tempo, 2 x 1min fast. Each off 1 min & 3 sets of. Session was just a relaxed effort to test my Achilles, & everything felt 100%! Result! Also some reasonable speed for what was just a relaxed effort. Hole in my foot is still agony though!

Fri 27/2 am 8.1M R, pm 12.7M R. A bit of a struggle this morning, but Achilles was fine. Fast at night, felt good!

Sat 28/2 am 10.2M Steady, pm 5.1M R. Also a couple o hours in the gym.

Sun 1/3 am 20.4M Tempo, pm (actually late morning) 5.1M R. Progression run of 1M WU, 10M @ 5:30, 4M @ 5:15-5:20, 2M fast. Felt good on this & strong, plenty more in the tank at the end.

Total 103.4M, av 6:10.

The week certainly finished better than it started! Achilles remains tight but isn’t causing me any problems. Finished the week very well & feeling confident ahead of The Hague next Sunday. I’ll be going out hard (assuming good conditions) to test myself & will be looking to hit each mile in a nice round 5 minutes! So something around 66 minutes is the aim, I feel this is coming a couple of weeks too soon but will be a good marker for the remaining build up to London. Flying out on Saturday morning & staying on for a couple of days after which will be a welcome break to relax away fro everything.

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