Pushing on, in theory!

After an easier week to consolidate a very good block of training, ending in a good run at Stamford, the plan was to push on with a couple of good quality weeks ready for The Hague on the 8th.

Mon 16/2 am 4M Easy, pm 9M E. Felt good this morning, but pretty tired running back from work in he evening. Got some good pace without pushing once I’d dropped my rucksack off.

Tues 17/2 am 8M E/1hr ski, pm 11.1M Relaxed. Another recovery day, calves very tight today! Looking to keep the volume up while ensuring a good recovery. A bit heavy legged tonight before dropping my bag off but ok after.

Weds 18/2 am 5.3M E + 2M R (lab testing prep), pm 10.2M R. Starting to feel a little better, although treadmill clearly showed I’ve still got Sunday in my legs as there was no speed there!

Thurs 19/2 am 8M E/1hr ski, pm 9.8M inc relaxed session of 10 x 3/2min effort. Felt ok during my reps, very relaxed effort. Not got the spring back in my step yet. Awful massage after.

Fri 20/2 am 4.4M E, pm 4.6M R. A bit pushed for time & calf sore.

Sat 21/2 am 3.6M E, pm 8.5M inc National Cross Country. No separate race report for this as I could barely call it a race effort. XC isn’t my thing, especially when it’s a mud-bath. Great to be part of the race where Notts AC finally got a national win though! Looks like it could be a good year with a very strong men’s squad currently.

Sun 22/2 am 5.5M E, pm 3.5M E + 8M E/1hr ski. Frustrating, decided to leave my long run until back home but Achilles & calf were too sore so back home on the ski machine.

Total 105.5M, av 6:59

Plan was to take the first three days of the week nice & easy to ensure a full recovery fro Sunday’s race. The hills meant my muscles were fairly sore so I was glad of the extra rest. I feel as though the week just came & went with no progression, but another 100+ week despite no long run.

Two weeks until The Hague, & with a lingering Achilles issue my focus will be on weight over the next week before some fine tuning for the race.

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