Easy week

Everything is relative, & after last week which was definitely a highlight in terms of quality of training this week definitely counts as easy! The plan was to freshen up a bit for Stamford 30K on Sunday & be able to take it out hard with Neil & anybody else who turns up to race!

Mon 9/2 pm 9.7M Relaxed. Felt surprisingly good tonight & dropped onto a reasonable pace quite easily. Kept everything in check though!

Tues 10/2 pm 16.6M inc Session. Ran to the track from work. Session of 2M @ threshold (10:20) into 20 x 400m off a 2 minute rolling start. Pleased with how the session went, feeling in control at 65-66 each 400 which did make for a long recovery of over 50 seconds each rep! Each set of 4 was faster as well.

Weds 11/2 am 6.1M R, pm 12.1M R. Both with rucksack as part of commute. ~4kg into work, clearly illustrating the importance of weight to distance running!

Thurs 12/2 am 5.1M E, pm 10M in 2 x 2M relaxed tempo. Felt good tonight, easy effort for the two tempo parts. Slight concern of tight hamstrings at the minute.

Fri 13/2 – REST! Oh boy, first rest day of the year & not likely to get many more before London. Walked 3M to work fast, meant to go to the gym at night but forgot my pass so a proper rest day!

Sat 14/2 am 6.4M E inc strides. Felt pretty rubbish this morning as expected.

Sun 15/2 am 28.9 inc Stamford 30K, 2nd 1:37:56 – see separate race report, pm 4.1M E.

Total 99.1M, av 6:17.

Another good week, very happy with Tuesday’s session off my biggest week ever & felt much better for this block of 400’s pushing the pace in the group. Eased off a bit as planned & didn’t fee great but then ran well on Sunday. Pleased with how I raced & came through it well, a couple of easy days to start the next week before pushing on with 12-13 hard days before a slight ease down for The Hague where I’m looking for a big chunk off my current PB of 66:59.

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