Marathon training ‘proper’ begins

Coming off a good January with consistent training I started the week feeling good, happy to be making good progress & in the knowledge that Sunday’s time wasn’t a reflection on the shape I’m in.

As I’m now used to the loading, this week sees the intensity & frequency of sessions & quality runs picking up so the key is managing that & continuing the progress towards The Hague & London.

Mon 2/2 am 4.3M Easy, pm 11M Relaxed. Pretty tired today after a poor night’s sleep & adding in the extra 10M on Sunday afternoon at a decent pace.

Tues 3/2 pm 16.3M inc Session of 3 x 12mins off 90secs into 6 x 1min off 30secs. Pleased with the session, times weren’t all that great but it was very cold & all felt good. Nice to have some company again.

Weds 4/2 am 10.4M E, pm 9.1M R. Tired after last night but legs seemed ok.

Thurs 5/2 am 3.1M E, pm 14.7M inc 9.5M Tempo. Good pace wit the group, av about 5:10. Hamstring was tight for the last 2-3 miles but otherwise a solid run & a tough route.

Fri 6/2 am 9.3M E, pm 9.2M E. Tired on this evening’s run – nothing in the tank & crawling up the hills.

Sat 7/2 am 13.7M inc Session of 12 x 400m off 1min, target all wel under 70secs. All between 65-67 – felt good. Tired when I got home!

Sun 8/2am 32.9M inc Markfield 10K. Quick chang of trainers before & after the race (5 mins either side), otherwise straight through. Felt good, just outside 5min miles for a tough 10K in 31:58 (2nd, li Watson 1st just outside 31) then last 12 miles over some bigs hills home in <70 minutes. Felt very strong late in the run.

Total 134 Miles, av 6:25mm. Highest volume week ever.

Very pleased with this week, obviously pleased with the total mileage & coming through feeling quite good but ignoring the volume which largely takes care of itself the week had three high quality sessions & a solid run in the league race. Couldn’t have asked for much more from this week. Easing off next week for a bit of recovery before the final push towards The Hague which is just 4 weeks away now. Stamford 30K on Sunday & I should be feeling a bit fresher to be able to push the pace at the front with the leaders.

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