Making progress

I was pleased to come off another big week with some quality & feel ready for another week’s hard graft. Getting used to the load of marathon training & gradually managing to introduce some more quality work. I’ll be glad to have a race at the end of the week to break things up a bit!

Mon 26/1 am 4.1M Easy, pm 9.2M Relaxed inc strides. Didn’t feel too bad today, kept the effort nice & easy with tomorrow night’s session in mind.

Tues 27/1 am 3.1M E, pm 14M inc Session. First time down the track with the Loughborough group & I certainly didn’t feel fresh/fast after the weekend’s running. Having said that I managed to hang on to the lead group & get through 18 x 400m off 100m jog, even picking up for the last couple where there were just two of us left. Training with the group will definitely bring me on the The Hague/London. Splits weren’t spectacular, depending on the start point between 66-72.

Weds 28/1 am 7.3M E, pm 11.1M R.

Thurs 29/1 am 50mins ski / 6.7M E, pm 1.5Hr ski / 12M E. Planned sort sharp session but sheet ice everywhere so went for a good aerobic day – & warm!

Fri 30/1 am 1Hr ski / 8M E, pm 8.2M R. Cleared up at last, Felt good today.

Sat 31/1 am 7.7M E inc 8 x 30secs relaxed strides.

Sun 1/2 am 15.6M inc Race, pm 10.3M R. Alsager 5M. See separate race report.

Total 117.3M.

This was planned as a down week after feeling a bit tired at the start of the week but the miles naturally picked up & very happy with the total volume including a good session & a proper race. 111mpw average for 2015 so far & starting to feel the benefits. Could certainly do with it warming up considerably but other than that I’m happy with progress & feeling confident that I’m putting the right work in for big performances at The Hague (5 weeks) & London (12 weeks).

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