Managing the niggles & upping the miles

My calves/Achilles were gradually improving through the end of last week but Sunday’s fartlek & high volume seemed to aggravate them again. Nothing too fast but able to continue with some decent running.

Mon 19/1 pm 11M Easy. Kept this easy with session tomorrow in mind.

Tues 20/1 pm 5.4M E. Planned session but calves/Achilles were killing me & no way I could get through any sort of fast work. Took an effective rest/recovery day.

Weds 21/1 am 12M E/Ski, pm 13.1M Steady. Agreed to leave the session & concentrate on getting everything in working order. Felt fine at a steady pace but could tell I’d have issues any faster.

Thurs 22/1 am 10M E/Ski, pm 11.1M Session. 8 x 800m off 1min recovery. Calves still tight so nothing any faster/shorter. Happy with splits on these reps, nothing special but consistent & no drop off despite short recovery.

Fri 23/1 am 6.1M E, pm 10.3M Relaxed. Felt good tonight.

Sat 24/1 am 11M E, pm 4.1M E. Very early taking Jo to the airport then second run to collect car. Both on empty. Tired.

Sun 25/1 am 28.9M inc Barrow 6 race. 90 minutes before the race, changed then a couple of miles proper warm up with fast strides for 16 before the start. Hit the race hard from the start & pleased to gradually pull away from Will from about 1 1/2 miles in. Tough course. Immediately into a further 4 with Matt & Chris then finally a couple of miles very easy warm down. Tired but felt good throughout.

Total 123M. Very happy with my highest mileage for some time & getting some consistency.

Frustrated not to be able to complete the full week’s planned training but keeping focussed on the longer term goal & trying to ensure I can continue to run daily to increase fitness. The quality sessions will come once I’m used to the load again. This cold weather is killing me & I’m really struggling to get going no matter how many layers I wear – better working hours are helping with this though!

Pleased with my race & time at Barrow & a great morning for the club. First time down at the Loughborough track this Tuesday so got to hope I freshen up after Sunday’s run! Will be slightly lower mileage this week looking to run well under 25 at the Alsager 5 on Sunday. Still carrying about 3kg of my winter coat so as I shed that things will improve!

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