Marathon training is tiring!

Feeling positive after a good couple of weeks & starting to get into proper training. New job starting this Monday as well so all is good in the world!

Mon 12/1 am 6M Easy, pm 8.1M E. Legs were pretty beat up after the last few days training & an overdue massage last night!

Tues 13/1 am 4.3M E, pm 8.9M Session. 8 x 800m off 90secs. Cold, wet & very windy. A relaxed session so times were nothing special but starting to feel fitter, although tired from the weekend.

Weds 14/1 pm 10M Relaxed. Just one run today & tomorrow to try & freshen up for Sunday’s race. Felt better today, a bit of lingering muscle soreness.

Thurs 15/1 pm 12.5M Steady. This was planned to be a short session but during my warm up Achilles/calves were very tight so played it safe, preferring to get consistency at the moment.

Fri 16/1 am 4.4M E, pm 9.6M E. Easing down for Sunday now, no strides as still struggling with tight calves.

Sat 17/1 am 7.5M R. Felt pretty good.

Sun 18/1 am 18M inc 14M fartlek (race cancelled), pm 10.2M R. Frustrating to have the race cancelled after driving 100 miles! We had a decent fartlek session along the course though.

Total 99.3M.

Pleased with the volume considering I was struggling with tight calves so was easing off through the week. Disappointed not to get to race but have plenty coming up with Alsager 5 in a couple of weeks which will certainly blow any cobwebs away! Training is picking up now & next week will be tough with two sessions during the week, the Midlands Cross Country on Saturday & the Barrow 6 on Sunday at the end of my long run. Starting to feel fit though & enjoying my running. Do need to sort out sleep though as both Jo & I are struggling to sleep through at the moment, both getting used to the training load again!

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