VLM training proper begins!

Having been ill for the last month or so of 2014 it’s good to be injury free & almost rid of the virus that set me back so much at the end of last year! Although carrying some Christmas pudding I’m in reasonable shape still & looking forward to pushing on with proper training again, starting this week!

Mon 5/1/15 pm 9.2M Easy. Felt quite good considering I’ve had a few tough days before this. Tues 6/1 pm 9.3M inc session. Planned 12 x 2mins off 1 min. Was going well until the 6th rep when a huge blister appeared from nowhere. Stopped & ran the ~4M home planning to do the full session tomorrow.

Weds 7/1 am 1hr/8M Easy/ski, pm 10.1M inc session. Drove to loop in case foot was sore, very windy. As above, session completed. Odds steady, evens hard. Was tough with the wind swirling but pleased to complete my first session in over a month!

Thurs 8/1 am 1hr/8M E/ski, pm 8.6M E. Looking to increase the miles so reducing impact with a couple of ski sessions. Easy pace still quite quick atm.

Fri 9/1 am 10.3M inc 5M relaxed tempo, pm 6.2M E, mainly with Jo. Tempo was nothing special but happy with it in tough conditions.

Sat 10/1 11.1 E, felt good.

Sun 11/1 am 24M R. Felt good, plan was 2:15 with no target. Was about 2:25, so 6mm. Happy with how easy this felt & could easily have done another 3-4M. No gels/drinks.

Total 104.7M. My last week at my old firm, so the last week of 2 hours commuting every day which will certainly make fitting in the extra supplemental training much easier!

Pleased to get a solid start to the year, free of the virus that I’d been carrying & progressing nicely through the weeks. Looking forward to starting at my new firm on Monday, & with running going better again things are looking up for 2015!

Helsby Half Marathon next Sunday, & although not in shape for it I will at least get a good idea of where I’m currently at so we can look to move training on towards The Hague.

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