Bye bye 2014…

I had hoped to get back into proper training for the last few weeks before 2015, no such luck!

Mon 15/12 pm 7.3M Relaxed. This has been planned as an hour easy but I was late back & tired to pushed on to get it done. Feeling well recovered from the weekend.

Tues 16/12 pm 8.6M R. I had planned to double today but the weekend has caught up with me so gave that best. Felt tired on tonight’s run.

Weds 17/12 am 4.5M E, pm 4M planned session of 8 x 4 minutes off 2 minutes. Managed to get up this morning & it was definitely slow! Tonight’s session was over before it started! I barely made it out of the estate, it seems although I was ill the other week it still didn’t shift the cold & it’s back with a bang!

Thurs 18/12 am 4.7M E, pm 8M R. Really suffering today, cold seems to be getting worse before it gets better. Just ticking over to keep fitness up without stressing my system.

Fri 19/12 am 5.1M R, pm 7.1ME. Struggling. Hoping this is the worst of the cold, coughing all night & sneezing all day.

Sat 20/12 am 11.6M R, had been a planned session of 1 x 3M fast, 5 min jog into 10 x 400m off 1min. Pm 4.3M R.

Sun 21/12 am 11.7M R. Effectively my long run for the week, told to keep it easy & short to ensure recovery from illness. Pm 3M E, short run before we went out.

Total 79.9M.

Mon 22/12 am 6M E, busy packing & feeling very rough!

Tues 23/12 am 6.4M E. Feeling quite ill, easy running at Heathrow before our flight.

Weds 24/12 am 7.4M E. Hardly slept last night due to coughing & sneezing. Easy running along the promenade in Cascais.

Thurs 25/12 am 5.1M E. Short run with Jo, making sure I don’t make myself worse for the rest of the day.

Fri 26/12 – rest! Both properly sick today.

Sat 27/12 am 8.1M R. This was tough going & I was shattered & slept the rest of the day – was supposed to be racing a 10K tonight!

Sun 28/12 am 6.3M R. Struggling, no longer sick but Jo was & no sleep as a result.

Total 39.2M.

Mon 29/12 am 10.5M Steady, pm 4.6M S. Cough easing off & feeling a little better. Shattered all the time though, just making the most of the weather!

Tues 30/12 5.1M R. Last run in Cascais.

Weds 31/12 am 13M R, pm 4.6M R. Both in deep snow & ice back home, hard work.

Thurs 1/1 am 2M E. Just to pick my car up – not well!

Fri 2/1 am 11M R, pm 4.7M E. Two decent runs & feel like the virus is on its way out.

Sat 3/1 am 11M Session, 5.1M S. Just a short session to test recovery with 10 x 1min off 45secs. Half decent considering I have done nothing fast for over a month!

Sun 4/1 am 20.1M R. Very pleased to get through 20 in 2 hours, longest run for weeks & felt good & could easily have carried out for a few more miles. Finished strong & bodes well to push on from next week.

Total 91.6M.

Not the end to the year I had hoped for. Illness lingered after Leeds, turned into some serious sickness before Christmas coupled with a nasty chesty cough & Jo also getting the sickness virus.

Although I finished the year with a couple of PB’s at 10K and Half Marathon, it was ultimately frustrating with illness & work meaning I never made it to a race healthy when fit. I have made good progress overall though & I’m looking forward to pushing on in the New Year towards 2015’s targets & beyond.

I’ll not ponder on the frustrations of 2014 on here, but will detail racing plans etc for 2015 in my next post. By the time I post that I’ll have started a new job as well so it’s exciting times ahead.

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