Easing back into it – SLOWLY!

After a couple of good runs last weekend I was starting to feel back to normal & in a position to think about training properly again! A couple more easy days before trying a session if I was coping with training & fully recovered. 

8/12 pm 7.2M Steady, inc strides. I added in some strides to get my legs ticking over again as I was feeling fine during the run but a little sluggish. Nothing special but I felt fine during them & took short recoveries.

9/12 am 4M Easy, pm 8.4M S with 2/4/6 each fast but relaxed. Please to be around 5mm without too much effort. Still a bit rough but nothing on my chest – coughing up a lot of flem though which is still concerning!

10/12 pm 10M S. Tired, another 4am start.

11/12 pm 8.3M inc session of 10 x 90 seconds off 30 secs recovery. Just a short session to see how I’m recovering. Nothing too great but happy with how I felt & all the reps being quite consistent off short recoveries.

12/12 am 4.3M E, pm 8.7M Relaxed. Bit of a rush with Christmas party tonight. Felt good on both though.

13/12 13.2M inc Moreton Morrell 10K. Pleased to win this in 31:27 (2 minute course record) having thought I’d be close to 32 & would have simply been happy to dip under that. Icy under foot which didn’t help & ran a good even effort so pretty happy with where my base fitness is despite the illness. Especially happy after only getting a couple of hours sleep last night!

14/12 6.1M E. Lack of sleep caught up with me here! Legs etc felt fine after yesterday’s race but I could barely stay awake. Gave it best.

Total 70.1M. I had wanted to be back around 85mpw but without the Sunday long run that didn’t happen.

I was just happy to be back into some sort of proper training & expected to struggle a bit for miles again given other commitments this week. Work should start to ease off a little from next week so I can look forward to getting 10 good days training before we go away.

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