Post Dash indulgence!

So after a slightly disappointing race on Sunday I took stock pretty quickly!

Although I knew I was in 30:10-15 shape, it was also clear in the few days before the race & on the morning itself that I definitely wouldn’t be able to get 100% out of myself that I needed to get that close to the magic 30 minute mark.Mon 17/11 pm 5.3M Easy. After a meeting in the evening I didn’t get out for my run until 8pm so just went for an easy run to assess recovery from yesterday. Everything is in good working order, no niggles or stiffness from yesterday & the race doesn’t seem to have brought the cold out any worse as I’d feared it would. Only negative is I’m still busy so unlikely to be catching up on sleep this week.

Tues 18/11 am 4.5M E, pm 6.7M Steady. Looking to build the mileage back up so I was keen to get a few doubles in where possible. Another late one back from work so evenin grun was shorter than the hour planned but felt good picking ip up a bit to cover some decent ground in 40 minutes.

Weds 19/11 am 4.5M E, pm 6M E. Up very early for work so took a break & went for another easy morning run.

Thurs 20/11 5.2 E, ill!!

Fri 21/11 skiing, ill

Sat 22/11 18.1 Inc Midland 7 Cross Country. Got talked into this by Mick (Notts Manager) who knows I avoid XC like the plague! 4th & team win which means I can’t run this again for 6 years – result! Was going well in 2nd/3rd until the end of the first lap when I went flying, landed heavily on my left side & struggled for the next lap having been quite winded. Happy considering how ill I’d been!

Sun 23/11 18.3 Inc Heanor 10K. Pm 4.7 E. We entered this as we were staying down the road for the week after. A good well organised race, not a fast course & mixed terrain but would recommend it. Another 4th but not far behind some quality runners so quite happy after yesterday’s race.

Total 97.3M, inc other skiing & also 2 hours on the turbo (not sure what days)

After a down week for Leeds I was keen to get the mileage straight back up towards 100 to be ready for a bigger week while we’re off next week. On reflection I was happy with my performance in Leeds, but just frustrated that things outside of my control meant I couldn’t race to the time I had expected & training had indicated. A few beers on Sunday – & only a few, as I’m a proper lightweight when fit – & a fair amount of chocolate on Monday/Tuesday meant that by the middle of the week I was ready to crack on & get back into things properly. Unfortunately I’m still putting in long hours at work so we decided to take the full week off structured training hence I was able to race reasonably well at both races over the weekend. As it turned out the cold I’d been fighting really hit me mid week so training wasn’t much quality at all this week.


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