Easing back into it – SLOWLY!

After a couple of good runs last weekend I was starting to feel back to normal & in a position to think about training properly again! A couple more easy days before trying a session if I was coping with training & fully recovered. 

8/12 pm 7.2M Steady, inc strides. I added in some strides to get my legs ticking over again as I was feeling fine during the run but a little sluggish. Nothing special but I felt fine during them & took short recoveries. Continue reading

Post Dash indulgence!

So after a slightly disappointing race on Sunday I took stock pretty quickly!

Although I knew I was in 30:10-15 shape, it was also clear in the few days before the race & on the morning itself that I definitely wouldn’t be able to get 100% out of myself that I needed to get that close to the magic 30 minute mark. Continue reading