Taper week – happy birthday!

After a good block of training since August it’s time for a taper week to see what I can do at Leeds 10K! No doubles this week! I’ve not missed many if any sessions & have generally felt good. I’ll post a race report separately for Leeds.

Mon 10/11 am 7.3M Easy. Up for work at 4am again so decided to break it up by heading out early. Felt really good which was a pleasant surprise after some tough running over the weekend. Kept the pace very easy though to ensure recovery. 2 huge venison steaks should have helped the recovery as well.

Tues 11/11 pm 9.5M Session. Session of 8 x 800m at 2:15 effort off 2mins recovery. Wind again meant the pace was all over the pace bug generally happy with the session, lack of sleep is catching up with me! My only session of the week! Not the birthday celebrations I used to have, but the cake can wait a week!

Weds 12/11 9.3M E. A nice easy hour, recovering well. Happy not to have any fatigue or soreness from last night’s session given the wind.

Thurs 13/11 am 9M Relaxed, inc 20min/4M ‘relaxed tempo’ at around 5:50 pace. Felt good on this considering what time I set out & was well below 5:50! Happy so far with the week, just need to avoid all the colds around for a few more days!

Fri 14/11 am 6.1M E. Decided to run in the morning as I normally do in the build up to a race to squeeze in the extra hours of recovery between runs! A slight lie in today, not starting until gone 5! Felt a bit tired, but legs starting to feel like they’re getting ready to race!

Sat 15/11 am 4.9M E, inc 8 strides, mixing it up. Felt like I was getting some good speed going.

Sun 16/11 am 12.2M inc Leeds 10K. See separate race report.


Total 58.3M

Felt like I needed this down week, taper or not! Three consecutive weeks of 4am starts has caught up with me. Feeling very fit at the moment so looking forward to keeping the training going through to the new year & pushing on with London training. We’re away the week after next so looking forward to relaxing & catching up on sleep!

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