Balancing act

One more hard week before a slight easing down for Leeds 10K on the 16th. Feeling good going into this week, although still struggling to get enough sleep/rest due to work commitments. Not being helped by the weather turning & everybody around me seeming to be full of cold.

Mon 3/11 pm 9M Relaxed. This ended up being VERY relaxed! Calves were extremely stiff all day so decided against pushing the pace for the second half as planned to ensure I could get through tomorrow’s session. Happy to cover some reasonable ground in the hour at a very easy effort.

Tues 4/11 pm 10.8M Session of 15mins, 6 x 1min, 1 x 4mins, 3 x 2mins all off 1min recovery. Aim was to cover well in excess of 10K in the efforts. Up for work at 4am again so no double & pretty tired by the time I did my session! Very pleased to therefore cover well over 6.5 miles, although was falling asleep on the sofa pretty early!

Weds 5/11 am 7M R. pm 6.2M R. Struggled a bit on anything resembling a hill particularly in the evening, but otherwise legs felt pretty good.

Thurs 6/11 pm 11.5M Session of 3 x 12 mins off 2mins. 10mins at HM effort, 2mins at 10K effort. After 4am starts all week I was just happy to be able to get through this in horrendous wind. Close to HM pace which was pleasing given the wind & did pick up the pace/effort well for each of the 2min reps.

Fri 7/11 am 4.3M E, pm 5.1M R. A bit pushed for time tonight as we’d got a massage booked in early evening. Made it out early morning in a storm between work. Just down as a recovery day with easy running but not in the best of moods so pace was a little higher than planned at night.

Sat 8/11 am 11.1M R. This was supposed to be a relaxed hour, but a bit of caffeine in my coffee & waking up in the same bad mood nullified the lack of sleep all week & after clipping off a 6mm out the door I put in a couple of 5:30’s without noticing & felt like no effort to crack through the run at 5:30 pace overall! Sun was shining & I was loving it in a world of my own.

Sun 9/11 am 24M/2hrs15min. 30m easy into 30/30/30 dropping down from 5:30 to 5:25 to 5:20 was the plan. Didn’t quite manage this but was happy with the pick up between sets. Last 30 was a struggle – a bit of yesterday’s run & not taking a gel meant I was suffering towards the end. Averaged around 5:30 for 90 minutes though so can’t complain off a tough week.

Total 89M. Again happy with the miles given I’ve got an eye on Leeds & have been struggling to fit everything in around work. Not sure how I’m managing this with starting work at 4am every day, it definitely can’t stay like that!

Overall I’m quite happy with how training has gone since Cardiff & all indications are that I’ve pushed on well from there. I did feel it came a few weeks early for me & was more of a marker in the sand than a genuine PB. Therefore very optimistic of a significant PB next Sunday & looking forward to being competitive towards the front of a very strong line up.

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