Indian Summer!

Mon 27/10 pm 9.1M Easy. Kept this very easy with a couple of hard week’s ahead & on the back of a long day yesterday. Legs did feel fine though & I’m currently carrying no niggles!

Tues 28/10 pm 10.6M Relaxed Tempo. Aim was to cover 10M in around 56-57 minutes, & did that comfortably feeling like a nice relaxed effort at around 5:40 pace.

Weds 29/10 pm 11.4M Relaxed. Planned double today but too tired from work. Felt like a nice easy effort & time went by quite quickly.

Thurs 30/10 pm 11.8M Inc session of 7 x 3 mins off 90 secs. No target distance, just done to feel. Felt quite good, not particularly fast but comfortable doing all reps at 10K effort & happy to cover just over 1K for each rep.

Fri 31/10 am 4.4M E, pm 6.7M E. Was up for work at 4am so managed to run in the morning today! Felt ok after last night, fairly slow but legs weren’t sore. A bit short on miles at night, but after a long week at work I wasn’t up for much more. Back to be bombarded by trick-or-treaters!

Sat 1/11 am 11.7M Session. 5 x 1 mile off 90 secs. Aim for first to be around 4:45, 2/3/4 just under 5 & last flat out. Felt a bit lethargic so pleased with splits between 4:40-4:50. pm 3.2M E, just to get some fresh air before entertaining.

Sun 2/11 am 22.3M Steady. No target for this, just 2 hours 15 mins to do. Felt pretty good despite the weather being awful & pushed on the last 5 miles feeling good at around 5:40 pace. 7M E – supporting Shepshed 7. A long old day in the end!

Total 98.2M. Solid week of training, happy to finish it still feeling fresh!

Another good week including three ‘sessions’ & a good long run. Balancing keeping the distance in whilst trying to find some speed for Leeds which is only two weeks away now! Didn’t feel too fast during the mile reps so pleased to see the times at the end.

A big week coming up next week, but happy to be going into it without any niggles & with fitness progressing. Getting ready for a bit of an ease down & a race to get stuck in to! Relying on next week bringing some zip back into my legs as I’m currently feeling fit but not particularly fast!


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