Leeds countdown begins!

Mon 20/10 pm 9.6M Relaxed inc 8 x 30 seconds fast. Some surprisingly good speed tonight which bodes well!

Tues 21/10 pm 11.2M Session. 2 sets of 6mins/2/2/2/1/1/1/1 all off 1 min recovery, 2 mins between sets. Gale force winds meant times were all over the place & several reps were like a hill session!

Weds 22/10 pm 12M Easy. Felt good after warming up & was ticking over at a nice low 6 pace for a very easy effort. Legs feeling good. Still no doubles this week as I’ve been shattered after not much sleep over the weekend. Concentrating on getting the quality in before Leeds rather than bumping the mileage up.

Thurs 23/10 pm 11.3M Session. 3 sets of 6 x 1min off 30sec recovery, last one flat out. Got the lungs burning! Felt quite good although still not much speed! Windy still.

Fri 24/10 am 4.3M E, pm 6.4M E. Nice to manage to get one double in through the week, work’s manic hence have struggled. Did part of evening run with Jo, a bit short of miles intended but felt a bit lethargic after a long day.

Sat 25/10 am 9.8M E inc 8 x 15sec fast. Strides weren’t particularly fast but did feel nice & easy. Good pace for little effort on the rest of the run.

Sun 26/10 am 21.1M, split between 3M warm, 5M warm down & 13.1M Worksop Half Marathon. Plan was to run this at tempo to 10M then race the last 5K. Very windy! Felt like we jogged for 5M with nobody seeming to want to push on. Dropped 2nd around 7-8M without doing anything & then pushed on from 9M, worked hard although wind meant splits were all over the place! Pm 3M E.

Total 88.7M. Happy with the mileage considering work commitments & struggling to get the time. Focussing on the quality of my sessions, which makes the wind frustrating! Coping comfortably with this sort of mileage & the sessions. Happy to get the win at Worksop running pretty much to plan.

I was happy to feel comfortable to go at the sessions almost 100% this week for the first time since Cardiff. Feeling quite fresh & positive about things so optimistic with a couple more weeks of quality sessions & tempo running I’ll be on for a big (overdue) PB in Leeds. Had it confirmed that I’m in the Midlands team, so we’ll be staying right by the start & will be in the elite field which will certainly help. It looks like being a very high quality race so an ideal opportunity to get the most out of myself.

Onto the next couple of weeks before easing down slightly for Leeds!

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