Another easy week?

Well recovered now after Cardiff although my left calf has still been causing me a few issues so not quite a full week’s training.

Mon 13/10 pm 9.6M Steady.

Tues 14/10 pm 9.7M inc a bit of a pick up session, 9 x 1min tempo effort into 1min pick up all off 1min recovery. Calf seemed ok, not quite 100% yet. Good speed though & felt quite easy.
Weds 15/10 am 4.5M E, pm 1.75 turbo – fast spinning, calf sore again so giving it a rest.
Thurs 16/10 am 4M E, pm 6M Steady. London all day so squeezing in two runs, shattered!
Fri 17/10 4.5M E, pm 6.2M E. Kept both easy as exhausted & first proper session tomorrow.
Sat 18/10 12.8M, inc 4M tempo just inside 20:30, 4min jog into 8 x 400m at 5K pace. Windy but went well & all reps between 65-68 seconds. Felt good.
Sun 19/10 22M in 2:17hrs. Pleased with distance covered at a relaxed effort & coming back with the last 4 miles well under 6mm.

Total 79.4M. Happy to still be around 80mpw despite a night on the turbo instead. Would prefer to be between 90 & 100 at the moment but feel I need the quality fast work rather than the miles before Leeds.

Frustrating to still be struggling with my calf but getting in some reasonable training still. Have felt good during any hard runs which bodes well & hopefully Sunday’s massage will put the issue to bed! Got through Saturday without feeling anything & no issues on Sunday’s long run.

Won’t be any more weeks that resemble anything like an easy week until after Leeds 10K now! Time for some serious work!

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