Last easy week for a while

With Cardiff being my short term target race & coming off a few tough weeks this was always planned to be a second easier week before pushing on with 4-5 quality weeks for Leeds Abbey Dash on 16th November.

Mon 6/10 am 8.8M Easy, inc second half with Jo. Weather was brutal but we proudly ran around the various parks of Cardiff with our race t-shirts on undoubtedly looking pretty daft! Afterwards I ran to the butchers for bacon, sausage & egg & then to the bakers for a couple of cobs before heading back to the apartment & rustling up a couple of fine cobs for brunch!Tues 7/10 am 9.6M E, pm 3M E to collect car. Another easy day. Legs feel fine with the exception of my left calf which is pretty sore.

Weds 8/10 pm 8.3M E. Last easy day to ensure fully recovered. Made sure this was a very easy effort, but feeling well rested now! Calves starting to feel a bit better at last.

Thurs 9/10 pm 2 hour turbo session. Decided during the day to push my session back to tomorrow. Feel fully recovered now but left calf has been a particular concern & this is the first day it’s felt 100%.

Fri 10/10 pm 10.1M Inc start of a relaxed session but during second rep my calf was playing up so just a steady run.

Sat 11/10 am 10.6M Steady. Picked up to a good pace without effort, feeling well recovered & calf feels like it’s fine until I look to do anything under 5 minute miling.

Sun 12/10 am 19.3M Inc Peterborough Half Marathon as a marathon pace tempo, pm 2M E.

Total 71.7M

Pleased with how I recovered from Sunday, with the exception of the tight calf! Good consistent training over the last couple of months & happy to dip just under 70 minutes at Peterborough feeling like marathon effort. I’d been struggling with my calf in the build up to Cardiff so it was no surprise it flared up this week – frustrating though! Being cautious to ensure I can continue to get some reasonable running in even if it’s not the quality sessions I want just yet.

I struggled during the summer with the same calf so didn’t want to risk anything with training starting for Leeds next week. Feeling good & refreshed ready to kick on next week & put in some quality weeks of training to see what I can do at Leeds.

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