The win that never was…

Mon 22/9 pm 9.5M Relaxed, inc 8 x 20 sec fast strides. Rest this morning as tired after not sleeping properly over the weekend. Felt good during run, reasonable speed on strides without working hard.

Tues 23/9 am 50mins ski, pm 12.4M inc session. 15min tempo at HM effort, straight into 6 x 1K reps off 2min recovery. Kept the tempo at HM effort rather than pace. 1K reps around 3mins each as planned with some slightly slower due to road crossings etc. All felt controlled. Legs were twitching at night though!!Weds 24/9 am 4.54M Easy, pm 8M E. Recovery day, keeping things nice & easy. Felt surprisingly sprightly this morning considering it was dark, cold & wet at 5:45!

Thurs 25/9 pm 11.7M inc session of 12 x 2mins. Odds controlled, 60sec recovery, evens fast but still controlled, 90sec recovery. Felt good & getting a spring in my step again. Very windy but happy with pace & effort.

Fri 26/9 am 6.1M E, pm 6.4M E . Recovery day. Felt quite good on morning run, having to hold back. Similar on evening run.

Sat 27/9 am 9.1M R & straight to the gym for 1 1/2 hours of core work with a bit of cycling followed by a sauna. Another recovery day. Wide awake at 4am again!

Sun 28/9 am 21.5M Steady/Tempo. 2 hour run with the last 10 miles in 53-54 minutes. Followed into 5M easy.Took advantage of having an elite entry for the Robin Hood marathon so jumped in there to make this feel easier. What a fiasco! Awful organisation, & it didn’t improve through the race. However felt very good for the 21.5M effort (first hour was faster than planned with adrenalin pumping having almost missed the start). Jogged in to the finish & pleasantly surprised to finish 2nd & pick up some cash. Mass confusion at the finish as they thought I was the winner! No sign of anybody from the race organisers to confirm either way. The marathon felt more like a village run! Wouldn’t recommend it. Pm 1M jog home to keep the legs moving.Robin Hood Marathon

Total 94.8M (101.8M) – pleased to dip over 100 for the week without looking for it & with no fatigue. Coping well with the mileage.

Another good week in the bank. Pleasantly surprised how my calves have improved through the week as I expected them to be a mess after the relays. Just the minor issue of toe nails insisting keep growing back, which means having to go through the pain of losing them all over again.

Feel like I’m starting to properly train now, rather than just accumulating miles to get used to the volume. Can see progress on times & also how I feel through the week. Just some mile reps to do on Tuesday & a short tempo on Thursday followed by some short reps with the rest of the week being easy running to ease down for Cardiff Half Marathon. Although it clashed with the 6 Stage it is the British Championships so should be a reasonable field. I’ll be looking to get stuck in & racing & let the time take care of itself. We’ll see!

All being well I’ll have a race report up soon after Cardiff with a good result to report on! Generally though I’m happy with how my fitness is coming on & coping well with 90+mpw with some quality mixed in which bodes well Leeds 10K in November & for the new year & the start of marathon training proper!

And hopefully I’ll get round to improving the formatting & layout to make this a more interesting read!

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