Last easy week for a while

With Cardiff being my short term target race & coming off a few tough weeks this was always planned to be a second easier week before pushing on with 4-5 quality weeks for Leeds Abbey Dash on 16th November.

Mon 6/10 am 8.8M Easy, inc second half with Jo. Weather was brutal but we proudly ran around the various parks of Cardiff with our race t-shirts on undoubtedly looking pretty daft! Afterwards I ran to the butchers for bacon, sausage & egg & then to the bakers for a couple of cobs before heading back to the apartment & rustling up a couple of fine cobs for brunch! Continue reading

The win that never was…

Mon 22/9 pm 9.5M Relaxed, inc 8 x 20 sec fast strides. Rest this morning as tired after not sleeping properly over the weekend. Felt good during run, reasonable speed on strides without working hard.

Tues 23/9 am 50mins ski, pm 12.4M inc session. 15min tempo at HM effort, straight into 6 x 1K reps off 2min recovery. Kept the tempo at HM effort rather than pace. 1K reps around 3mins each as planned with some slightly slower due to road crossings etc. All felt controlled. Legs were twitching at night though!! Continue reading