2 weeks to Cardiff / Midland 6 Stage

Mon 15/9 pm 9.6M Relaxed. So tired after hectic weekend! No sore muscles (other than lingering calf issue), probably a mix of getting used to the load & not going so hilly on yesterday’s long run.

Tues 16/9 am 3.2M Easy, pm 13.3M in Session – 3 x 7min @ HM effort, 1min jog, 3min @ 5K effort, 2min jog. Then 4 x 1min fast, 30sec jog. Short run this morning as missed yesterday’s double. Session went fairly well, getting a bit of spring in my step & got faster throughout. Good to get a cheer from the Thermo group!

Weds 17/9 am 7.5M E, pm 4.5M E. Was a proper easy pace this morning after last night, swapped runs as at Al Murray tonight. Quality night, bang on the money with most of what he says!

Thurs 18/9 10.3M Session, 2 x 5K no faster than 16:15 off 4min/1K jog. A little slower but only a few seconds & picked up pace with trying towards the end of the second 5K. Feeling it a bit since Tuesday.

Fri 19/9 am 4.2M E, pm 4.4M R, just recovering & keeping the legs ticking over before tomorrow. Not getting any soreness anymore but legs tired!

Sat 20/9 6 Stage Midlands Relays. am 1.8M E, just a short shake out as calves have been very tight. pm 16.8M inc 3.6M race.

Sun 21/9 am 19.1M R. Felt fine after yesterday, other than tight calves when I first got up. Avoided too many hills though to ensure recovery.

Total 94.9M

Another good week’s training with a couple of good sessions & a surprisingly sprightly leg at the relays. Felt awful during my warm up but once the adrenaline kicked in I was off & despite basically being a lonely 3.6M time trial was please to get 9th fastest overall on the day & pull us into the medals at the end of Leg 4 where we stayed for team bronze. I’ve had some good runs at Sutton Park & love the atmosphere of the relays which is completely different to the normal racing where it’s just you against the rest. Planned to ease off on the long run but dropped onto a nice relaxed pace early on & just kept the effort nice & easy so was pleased to still cover 19 miles in the 2 hours.

My biggest volume week since coming back from holiday, with the most quality in as well. Apart from having several toe nails looking like they’re about to wave goodbye everything feels in good working order. This next week is another tough one, finishing with a hard long run before easing down slightly for Cardiff. No time goal in mind yet, I’ll have a think about that once this painful week is done with.

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