You ALWAYS need new trainers!

Felt fine after Wilne which was pleasing, & starting to cope with the mix of regular 80-90mpw & getting the sessions done. Easy few days before a couple more sessions & another decent week with everything starting to head in the right direction.

Mon 8/9 – pm 9.7M Easy

Tues – am 4.4M E / pm 9.3M E

Weds – am 4.1M E / pm 8.2M Relaxed, without pushing the pace

Thurs – pm 10.5M inc Session. Not bad, mixed tempo & some shorter reps. Caught short on the main Loughborough ring road…

Fri – am 4.3M E / pm 8.6M R

Sat – am 9.4 inc 5M Tempo in 25:50. First decent run back, felt like a good steady pace & more like 5:30 effort (net downhill helped!)

Sun – am 19.1M R. Feeling it a bit for the first few miles after yesterday’s tempo, massage, a busy day & late night with a meal & wine. Conscious decision to make sure it wasn’t too hilly this week. A full afternoon looking for furniture wasn’t ideal recovery though!

Total 87.6M

Another satisfactory week, feeling quite fresh & easily dropping some doubles in. Calves aree playing up a bit so sticking around 80-90 & staying off the skier due to the load that puts through my calves.

His & hers matching Adidas from the Nottingham Runner, & took delivery of a couple more pairs this week. Can’t beat new trainers!

Some tough weeks coming up with the 6 Stage next week for a final blow out before Cardiff HM. Serious stuff now, no booze & trying to recovery properly.

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