Training 18/8 – 7/9

Apologies for the formatting – I’ll sort that out for future posts! I’ll also add more details, including pace, time ran etc once I’ve sorted the formatting.

Mon 18/8 – pm 1hr ski

Tues – pm 9.7M Relaxed, tired

Weds – am 6.1M Easy, pm 9M R

Thurs – am 4M E, pm 1hr ski

Fri – am 45mins ski, pm 8.2M R

Sat – am 10.6M R

Sun – am 19.4M R – hilly, felt good

67M total (89 inc skiing taken as 8mph)

Mon 25/8 – am 9.1R

Tues – pm 9.6 Session – no speed. Nothing special.

Weds – am 55mins ski, pm 10.5M R

Thurs – am 1hr ski, pm 5.2M E – tired, skipped planned tempo

Fri – am 5.1M E, pm 6.2M E

Sat – am 9.7M R, pm 2M R

Sun – am 19.2M R – hilly, strong

74.6M (90M)

Mon 1/9 – am 6.6M E, pm 5.1M E

Tues – pm 11M Session. Not bad, no speed though. Legs sore.

Weds – pm 9.4M E

Thurs – am 55mins ski, pm 3.7M E with Jo, legs sore.

Fri – am 4.7M R, pm 4.4M E with Jo

Sat – am 8.1M R, inc strides. Felt better, nothing to get excited about though.

Sun – am Wilne 10K (6.2M) race inc 5.2M WU/WD, pm 2M E. As expected, no speed, didn’t go with pace. Finished well last 3K as planned. Felt fresh soon after & no soreness.

66.6M (74M)

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