Slow progress

My first post, just a couple of weeks back into the swing of things after an awesome holiday! I had a niggling calf issue through the summer & was glad to get that cleared up while we were away.

Unfortunately despite finding a race right outside our hotel door in Finale Ligure on the Italian Riveria on the middle Sunday, & climbing the Stelvio Pass (amazing experience!) the following day I couldn’t neutralise the calories in two weeks worth of cheese, wine & foie gras & came back well overweight & unfit.

We agreed I’d run Wilne 10K to assess where my fitness was at & then push on from there. I was looking to run in the 31’s (albeit without any real foundation to that aim), & finished with 32:07 which while initially disappointing was reasonable in the context of other times on the day.

Brief training for the last couple of weeks is on a separate post with more details to come in following weeks as it becomes more meaningful! It’s basically been three weeks of just running to get used to it. Three quality weeks of training now before Cardiff Half on 5th October with the main focus being towards Leeds Abbey Dash on 16th November while maintaining the big miles & quality long run building to London.


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